Afterglows [noun]

Definition of Afterglows:

gloss, shine

Synonyms of Afterglows:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afterglows:

Sentence/Example of Afterglows:

The sun had gone down, and the afterglow had faded red on the surrounding cliffs, then merged into the pearly grey of twilight.

In the long afterglow of the July sunset they enamelled the barren heights with a rich, yellowish green.

She wanted to see the full glory of the afterglow upon her profile, upon her neck, and bosom.

It was the softest of spring nights with a faint afterglow in the sky and a rising moon when they set out.

Bare-headed, slender, with his air of eternal youth, he was silhouetted against the rose red of the afterglow.

The clouds paled, turned rosy for a moment with the afterglow, then deepened into purple gloom.

Impatient for the dusk, he could scarce await the waning of the afterglow; surely, he thought, he might venture.

The sun had dropped behind the distant hills without leaving the usual rose-pink afterglow.

An inevitable pessimism seemed to challenge the universe, taking for its parable the weird afterglow of the west.

There was an interval of cold light before the glories of the afterglow.