Aftermost [adjective]

Definition of Aftermost:

final; newest

Opposite/Antonyms of Aftermost:

Sentence/Example of Aftermost:

Captain Pearson describes this explosion as having destroyed nearly all the men at the five or six aftermost guns.

"Try the aftermost berth, then," said I, slipping out in the dark to put on my trousers.

If the aftermost mast is not square-rigged, the order is foremast, main, mizzen and jigger.

Dacres found himself with six men to man the aftermost section of the airship.

The aftermost keel piece joins the stern-post, on which the rudder hangs.

When we came on deck, we found a cluster of people at the aftermost part of the felucca.

From the aftermost of the two masts fluttered a blue flag with a square of white in the center.

The upper deck was armed with 9-pounders, the aftermost port being vacant, and filled up when required.

The stage, well lighted, was built on the aftermost part of the deck.

The two aftermost guns were accordingly once more very carefully pointed and fired, Captain Staunton giving the word as before.