Afterpiece [noun]

Definition of Afterpiece:

ending of an event

Synonyms of Afterpiece:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afterpiece:

Sentence/Example of Afterpiece:

On this fateful date, the feature had been completed and the afterpiece was being enacted.

There was an afterpiece to the play; what had very nearly been a tragedy developing into something resembling a farce.

The tragedy of the gallows was followed by a short afterpiece.

They waited for the afterpiece, enjoyed a pasty and a bottle of Beaune, and went away laughing cozily together.

He strolled into the Adelphi, and felt savage at the pathos of the play, and the fun of the afterpiece.

The last trait I have to mention, yet more significant, is the afterpiece.

Dodsley's afterpiece was performed thirty-four times during the 1735 season.

The fall of man is the sombre afterpiece of this intensely interesting drama.

The afterpiece was adapted from the Sultan of Marmontel, which we have also on our English stage.

The performances were "The Wheel of Fortune," and an afterpiece.