Aftertaste [noun]

Definition of Aftertaste:

flavor of some quality

Synonyms of Aftertaste:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aftertaste:

Sentence/Example of Aftertaste:

Its poisonous smell and soapy aftertaste should lead to suspicion of this ivory dome; but nobody seems to mind them.

Thus she comforted herself before the aftertaste of Miss von Schwertfeger's late visits was dispelled by new dreams of happiness.

Not for her home in the Vicolo: this everlasting love-making with its aftertaste of stale sugar had turned her sick of Padua.

There was the softness of a bed under him and the bitter aftertaste of Migrainol on his tongue.

He crushed the paper in his hand as though those words contained for him a strange and bitter aftertaste.

The mere memory of the speeches he had listened to, had left, as it were, an unpleasant aftertaste.

It is several hundred times sweeter than sugar, though it has also a slightly bitter aftertaste.

One enjoys all the delights of extravagance with none of its bitter aftertaste.

The aftertaste of Selma had been bitter, but the small, sharp flurry at the Godwin house left them no longer feeling so bitter.

Without knowing it for what it was, Jim Wilson was full of the futile aftertaste of revenge.