Afterthought [noun]

Definition of Afterthought:

idea that occurs after it is timely

Synonyms of Afterthought:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afterthought:

Sentence/Example of Afterthought:

It’s very important not to think of this analysis stage as an afterthought.

The candidates taking them on have become more of an afterthought.

Get the cognitive architecture right, and you can plug in the algorithms almost as an afterthought.

To meet it, he advises companies to create their products and campaigns with diverse consumers in mind from the start, not as an afterthought.

Gone are the days of big-budget mass gatherings at which closing deals is a priority and delighting attendees is an afterthought.

"Of course I couldn't tell you much," he added, with an afterthought.

"No, the fire was an afterthought and revenge," he added sternly.

And then as an afterthought, "But I think it would look just as pretty if it were red."

The fourth act was an afterthought, and was added at a later date.

This policy was not devised in order to set bounds to the expansion of the older colonies; that was an afterthought.