Agates [noun]

Definition of Agates:

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Sentence/Example of Agates:

There are gold, silver, agate and crystal vases, silver tables and gold plate of every description.

We managed, however, to pick up some interesting Chinese snuff bottles of carved agate, some with pictures painted inside.

An axe poised upon a stake, or an agate on a red-hot axe, was supposed by its movement to indicate the offender.

At the far end was a raised dais with a mammoth statue of a kneeling woman, sculptured of the same effulgent, agate material.

Then there were horns of ivory and ebony; emeralds, purple and broidered work, fine linen, coral and agate.

One species of divination was performed by laying an agate stone on a red-hot hatchet.

The agate was called sacred, as it was regarded as a preservative against the poison of reptiles.

The pitch is put in some kind of dish (agate is good), placed over a gas plate, and melted.

Thus, a wrought iron disc rotating rapidly, will cut such hard substances as agate or quartz.

They had paused at a crossing, and young Draper, with a dubious air, stood striking his agate-headed stick against the curb-stone.