Aged [adjective]

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One big theme that pops up in Love Fraud is the different standards that apply, in the world of dating, to middle-aged men and middle-aged women.

This result confirmed Gunnar’s previous research on preschool-aged international adoptees.

We then redid the experiment with another group of aged mice.

For most of the last 15 years, more than three in 20 prime-aged males have been jobless.

The aged woman made no reply; her eyes still studied Ramona's face, and she still held her hand.

At the sight, Felipe flung himself on his knees before her; he kissed the aged hands as they lay trembling in her lap.

A little boy aged two years and four months was deprived of a pencil from Thursday to Sunday for scribbling on the wall-paper.

Henry Rowley Bishop, a noted English music composer, died, aged 68.

John Wilson, a celebrated landscape and marine painter, died at Folkstone, aged 81.

John Thornton Kirkland, president of Harvard university, died, aged 70.