Ageing [verb]

Definition of Ageing:

become older

Synonyms of Ageing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ageing:

Sentence/Example of Ageing:

Hilda's assumption that the ageing woman had telegraphed for her on inadequate grounds had proved to be quite wrong.

There was in it the indefinable hardening and ageing which seemed to Boyson to have affected the whole personality.

Evenings without number, after little Hal had been tucked into bed, the two ageing men had sat and smoked together.

Indeed she looked quite youthful, despite the ageing influences of black silk.

When was it to end—this curse of his heart not ageing while his frame moved naturally onward?

Only a few middle-aged and ageing people in France had had any practical experience of warfare.

Of the untrammelled days of his boyhood the ageing poet has told us in his wonderful book Les Tendresses Premires.

He did not give vent to many spontaneous witticisms as of old, and for the first time he felt he was ageing.

Only, in these moments of repose, an intense and ageing weariness seemed to have crept into her eyes and face.

But probably the ageing man did not feel the transference of his home to Corinth so keenly as an English gentleman would.