Agencies [noun]

Definition of Agencies:

organization, often business-related

Synonyms of Agencies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agencies:


Sentence/Example of Agencies:

Statements rendered by mercantile or collection agencies to inquirers for business purposes are clearly privileged.

As long as man left his bones to the unaided agencies of nature, they were little likely to be preserved.

On the other hand, reward without useful service has been one of the leading agencies that have acted to check human progress.

All officers of the Crown, and all public agencies from whom information was sought, were helpful.

It is the least important of the agencies which feed the credit of the adherents of the system.

Yet some of these agencies—lectures and libraries, for example—are not free from serious faults.

Craney himself stayed on at Corazon in the cocoa trade, meaning to take up contracts with the French and English agencies.

If we do not already believe in supernatural agencies, no miracle can prove to us their existence.

These agencies or manifestations are now known to be so related that whenever one disappears others spring into existence.

He dreaded the task of invading the agencies in search of a new nurse and there did not seem to be any other feasible arrangement.