Agents [noun]

Definition of Agents:

person representing an organization or person in business

Opposite/Antonyms of Agents:


Sentence/Example of Agents:

We must have motif first, then technique to adapt and adjust expression and to develop facility in the active agents.

He conceived an idea of securing agents among the colored people, and in that way effect a good sale.

To learn this, he went on the road himself appointing agents and selling to bookstores.

He not only repudiates the name “Jahveh,” but tells the official agents of Jahvism that their god is his devil.

A great many agents possess the power of attracting leukocytes into the general circulation.

I intend to sail for that place in about a month or six weeks, but shall appoint agents in England to erect these engines.

A bill and note broker who does not disclose the principal's name is liable like other agents as a principal.

The trial was attended by the principal mining agents; the result was about ten millions by each engine.

The authority of agents or commissioners to receive subscriptions is strictly regarded.

And if secret ones are established the Government agents soon find them out.