Ages [noun]

Definition of Ages:

period of animate existence

Synonyms of Ages:

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Sentence/Example of Ages:

An NL pitching development official9 agreed that deGrom may very well be younger in pitching years than his age suggests.

Disinformation about voting designed to deter turnout dates back well before the internet, but in the age of social media, it can spread like wildfire.

The workshops are geared toward all age groups and skill levels.

At age 14, he realized he could make money on the app and dropped out of high school to dedicate himself to the app and other side ventures.

The mindset with at least the older guard—and I’m in the middle at the age of 43—was that you were in this profession because you couldn’t do anything else.

That was Intel, first a giant of memory chips and then, in a paranoia-driven strategic shift for the ages, the king of microprocessors for PCs and similarly functioning servers.

In the latest episode of Digiday’s The New Normal, Fitzgibbons said that despite the pandemic, the platform’s younger cohort of viewers — 85% are between the age of 18-34 — are still making purchases, enough so that sales doubled from March to April.

That partisan divide holds true for Americans age 18 to 24—an age group already unlikely to support Tump.

Prices will vary depending on your deductible amount and the size, age and condition of the property, so get a couple of estimates just to be sure you’re getting value for your money.

When Vince hit the magic age, he was able to retire from his career as a high school teacher.