Aggie [adjective]

Definition of Aggie:

concerning farming, land

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Sentence/Example of Aggie:

The two servant-girls, with Jean and her cousin Aggie Wilson, ran at once into an inner room and shut the door.

"Oh, they'll maybe put Aggie Lowrieson on your side o' the table," he volunteered, glad that at last she had shown some feeling.

He took up little Aggie, who appeared to interest him, and abruptly observed: "Nanda isn't so pretty."

Many things have altered, goodness knows, since I was Aggie's age, but nothing's so different as what you all do with your girls.

It was not, as you seem to remember, with the sight of Mr. Mitchett that the question of Aggie's hand began to occupy me.

Aggie and I are simple stranger-folk; there's a great deal we don't understand, yet we're none the less not easily frightened.

What did you mean just now, really, by asking me to explain before Aggie this so serious matter of Nanda's exposure?

I rang Aggie up at once, and I could just see her, from her cozy voice.

Then, the heavy brows of Aggie would draw down a little, and the baby face would harden.

She was fed on the daintiest of fare, for Aggie was a sybarite in all sensuous pleasures that were apart from sex.