Agglomerate [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Agglomerate:

The phenomena presented by the necks of intrusive rock do not differ from those characteristic of agglomerate or tuff necks.

Unfortunately, the moral tone of this agglomerate population is deplorable, and money is spent in a reckless way.

The finer sense detects the differences of them, and begins, first to agglomerate, then to distinguish them.

Nowhere in Antrim is there such a display of volcanic ash and agglomerate as at this spot.

Amongst the vents filled with ash and agglomerate, the most remarkable is that of Carrick-a-raide, near Ballycastle.

A special product, called metallic agglomerate, is used instead of sand for hastening the work.

Rocks of an agglomerate type are well shown in the walls of Gibraltar.

The residue may also be employed, either alone or mixed with some agglomerate, in the construction of garden paths and the like.

The vast quantities of ice pouring over the precipice would freeze together, agglomerate, and form an ice-bridge.

The alchymists watched this precious mess with intense interest, expecting that it would agglomerate into one lump of pure gold.