Agglomerated [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Agglomerated:

The refining is thus completely finished, and all the particles are agglomerated.

The spores in Sporidesmium appear to consist of irregular masses of cells, agglomerated into a kind of compound spore.

The best lignite is that which, after combustion, leaves a fine ash and no agglomerated clinker.

The agglomerated product must be porous so as to afford access of the furnace-reducing gases to the ore.

The problem to be solved was to market an agglomerated material so as to avoid the drawbacks of fine ore.

We there see irregular pieces of varied form and material agglomerated into a single mass.

It is they who have agglomerated the chaos that is in this hour threshing about in dust and blood.

Society reigns over units, over single figures agglomerated like grains of corn in a heap.

With them, union was not strength, but weakness: the more they were agglomerated the less were they to be feared.

At sixteen I was secretary to the agglomerated association for vindicating the rights of man.