Agglomerations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Agglomerations:

Looked at in front, a compound eye may be considered an agglomeration of simple eyes; but internally this is hardly correct.

Strictly speaking, it is not a city, but an agglomeration of industrialism.

Wherever politics is rigid and hostile to that tendency, there is irritation and struggle, but the agglomeration goes on.

In short, there are twenty-four small sovereign nations, whose agglomeration constitutes the body of the Union.

I think you would like my library if you could see it,—it is one agglomeration of exotics and eccentricities.

It is rather an agglomeration of pieces, which, on examination, present curiously defined forms.

In graphite we find a great tendency toward agglomeration or massing of particles.

The particles show a fine, fibrous structure with a tendency toward agglomeration.

The complex vision must not be regarded as the mere sum or accumulated agglomeration of all these.

Our contemporary agglomeration (if Mr Goddard is right) of ten and twelve years old intelligences had practically passed it over.