Agglutinating [verb]

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Undiluted normal blood can agglutinate most bacteria, but loses this power when diluted to any considerable degree.

At any rate, the agglutinate character of the language is indicated.

One or two instances may suffice to show the agglutinate character of the language.

It represents the Malay in its most complex form; and is essentially agglutinate in respect to its inflection.

To the agglutinate languages belong the American and Turanian families.

Agglutinate languages, languages composed of parts which are words glued together, so to speak, as cowherd.

Sera agglutinate no corpuscles.Corpuscles agglutinated by sera of Groups 2, 3, 4.

This serves to agglutinate it into the form of concretions, constituting the tapioca of commerce.

The mixture is then gently heated to drive off the excess of sulphuretted hydrogen and to agglutinate the sulphur.

Concentrated sulphuric acid causes it to agglutinate into resin-like lumps, with the accession of an intense blood-red colour.