Agglutinative [adjective]

Definition of Agglutinative:

gummy, adhesive

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Sentence/Example of Agglutinative:

Such languages could be termed “agglutinative-isolating,” “fusional-isolating” and “symbolic-isolating.”

Agglutinative languages do not often possess special adverbial endings.

Agglutinative action is evidence of the presence in a serum of a somewhat similar set of substances, known as “agglutinins.”

In the agglutinative languages, or at any rate in some of them, some of the post-fixed elements have still an independent value.

But the distinction between them and the so-called agglutinative languages is one of degree rather than of kind.

For they alone instinctively divined the new spirit of the age, which may be termed co-operative and agglutinative.

Technically speaking, Esperanto combines the characteristics of an inflected language with those of an agglutinative one.

Of these the most important are (a) bacteriolytic or lysogenic action, (b) agglutinative action, and (c) opsonic action.

It was highly agglutinative, and unlike any other form of speech, ancient or modern, with which we are acquainted.

It belonged to the civilization of which the Sumerians of Chaldæa, with their agglutinative language, were the pioneers.