Aggrandizements [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aggrandizements:

Executive aggrandizement, the fourth threat, is the one that has really been engaged in pretty equally by both parties since FDR.

The aggrandizement of one tends to excite a combination, or at least the wishes of many, to reduce him to the common level.

Napoleon had opened to him at Tilsit a dazzling vista of territorial aggrandizement.

Rome had been too occupied with politics and aggrandizement ever to become cultured.

They talked of the covetousness and want of scruple of the Knights, of their passion for aggrandizement and their rapacity.

Hence, in the order of Providence, the dream of Charlemagne as to unbounded military aggrandizement could not be realized.

Now you ask: "What were his reforms, and what were his schemes of aggrandizement, for which we honor him while we denounce him?"

Such a restoration would have foiled their projects of aggrandizement in Eastern Europe.

Why need she have been taught to mingle notions of worldly position and aggrandizement with the emotions of her heart?

Personal ambition and aggrandizement never for a moment entered his head, or formed part of it.