Aggrandizes [verb]

Definition of Aggrandizes:

cause something to seem or be greater, bigger

Synonyms of Aggrandizes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aggrandizes:

Sentence/Example of Aggrandizes:

They only cared to aggrandize themselves, without thought of national feeling or geographical conditions.

His ambition was not to secure for himself ease or luxury, but to extend his imperial power, and to aggrandize his family.

The Master proceeded to show that a man who speaks on his own authority alone seeks to aggrandize himself.

It resisted, in the lower classes, the attempt of the church to suppress it in order to aggrandize the corporation.

She did not try to aggrandize herself at their expense, nor did she take up weapons against them.

Men seek office to aggrandize themselves rather than to serve the interests of the people.

With years we will correct, we will task ourselves to aggrandize and elevate our work.

They have established orders of nobility, with a distinction of titles which aggrandize it.

Arcimboldo was not the man to let slip an opportunity to aggrandize himself.

That he used his great authority to overthrow his own enemies and to aggrandize his own house goes almost without saying.