Aggravates [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Aggravates:

Even if this is true, (indeed, if this is the case, it only aggravates the insult); avoid such retrospection.

No: on the contrary, it aggravates his offence; because he has afforded others an example of corrupt and illegal conduct.

That easily aggravates such attacks; I do not suffer from them, but I make provision, as it suits me best to be here at noon.

There is other testimony which aggravates the case still further.

But what aggravates my sufferings yet more is, that we began to be miserable at a time when we seemed the least to deserve it.

And that which aggravates the evil of these things is, That London should be guilty of such Apostacy from the truth.

In both of these distemperatures the elevation of the temperature of the vat aggravates the evil.

The nervous twitching at the bit and the attempt to govern them by reason of your superior age or knowledge aggravates the evil.

In such cases, however, great care is required to avoid too long a chill, which always aggravates the glandular congestion.

What, in M. Rochers opinion, aggravates the evil is the practice of not burying the bodies of those who die of this disease.