Aggravating [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Aggravating:

Governor Berkeley at this time was aggravating the home situation of the Virginia colonists.

The aggravating smile of condescending wisdom kept playing about his lips.

A woman will endure martyrdom with the expression of a seraph,—an extremely aggravating seraph.

A more aggravating annoyance, however, brings loss to the owners of the herds.

The aggravating thing is, that the expeditions may never reach their proper starting point.

Though doubtless they are very aggravating, and very jealous.

Hence come in after years parallel columns, and aggravating charges of inconsistency.

It would be impossible to conceive of a creature uglier or more aggravating looking than Polly, when she did that way.

Most aggravating of all was a habit the clocks developed of stopping during the colder spells.

Though if there is one thing that's harder than another, it is to be good-natured all the time, without being aggravating.