Aggravation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aggravation:

If you ignore this rule, you might one day find yourself the victim of a scam operation, with months of aggravation ahead as you try to straighten out your life and finances.

The tariffs are the latest aggravation in rapidly deteriorating relations between Australia and its largest trading partner, China.

Sometimes it comes in literal sobriety, sometimes in derisive travesti, sometimes in tragic aggravation.

We'll visit this third party and if we strike out we'd better leave town for a few days to avoid a lot of aggravation.

Another aggravation in her case was that she had an active temperament and strong mind.

Such was the state of his mind, when his ordinary maladies had the serious aggravation of a violent fit of the gout.

Among the mitigating circumstances I should be inclined to name even those which you bring in aggravation.

Intolerable is a thirst to which the very offer of water seems but mockery and aggravation.

In a word, by a process of moral aggravation that is unworthy a great and liberal Press.

It is besides no small aggravation of the public misfortune that the disease, on this hypothesis, appears to be without remedy.