Aggregated [verb]

Definition of Aggregated:

combine into a collection

Synonyms of Aggregated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aggregated:

Sentence/Example of Aggregated:

Domain Trust and Page Trust are aggregate quality scores developed by SE Ranking that are calculated based on the number and the quality of a website’s referring domains and backlinks.

They used data on the movements of almost 100 million people in the 10 biggest cities in the US from March 1 to May 1, 2020, provided by SafeGraph, a company that aggregates anonymized location data from smartphone apps.

It’s why they pivoted to Seraphine and the other members posting more “influencer”-style content, and aggregating fan comments to create more posts.

In the past year, teachers on Outschool have made more than $40 million in aggregate, up from $4 million in total earnings the year prior.

Apple beat expectations, but its shares fell after investors were less than impressed with its aggregate results.

This isn’t a meta-analysis that aggregates the results of a bunch of studies into one big dataset, because the studies all tackle slightly different questions in slightly different contexts.

When businesses automate, the government loses revenue, potentially hundreds of billions of dollars in the aggregate.

The podcast generated significant media buzz and was aggregated in mainstream outlets like Billboard and People.

Another new thing is data exchanges which is kind of the structural mechanism by which all of this data is aggregated and shared and used.

The simplest version of a home is typically a hashtag that aggregates the conversation.