Aggregates [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aggregates:

These are among the greatest pleasures and pains of the mature man, though they are aggregates formed by association.

Previous to 1838, the assessments were made by wards, and it is impossible to give the aggregates.

His daily trip, with all incidental expenses, aggregates more than $12.00; so he deserves to rank as the Champion Commuter.

For the larger jobs, the aggregates are hauled in industrial cars, each having sufficient capacity for a batch of concrete.

The mixtures for the concrete foundation vary widely because of the variation in the aggregates employed.

Mixtures of mineral aggregates and bituminous materials for various purposes are proportioned with bitumen as a basis.

It will be seen in the record of this month that the Jubilee Share Fund now aggregates pledges of over $14,000.

For this reason all these vast and manifold aggregates of facts are so many evidences of the doctrine of descent.

These aggregates will have a common portion, namely the class of event-particle lying in all of them.

Mr. Spencer tells us they are inherited feelings,—the sum of ancestral experiences,—the aggregates of race-experience.