Aggressions [noun]

Definition of Aggressions:

attack, often military

Synonyms of Aggressions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aggressions:


Sentence/Example of Aggressions:

They might also show problem behaviors, such as physical aggression and cheating.

Sometimes channeling your aggression for real injustices in the world, and integrating that into your higher-level goal, is important.

They’re supposed to desire power and conflict, value only their self-interest, and be motivated by aggression.

In their second matchup against the Mavericks, for example, the Raptors dialed things back considerably from the level of aggression they showed in that early-season contest.

Lots of things influence body image, or prosocial behavior, or aggression, or pick whatever you want, gender.

You had perceived upon what measure of aggression, upon what rasping unkindnesses, the applause of your fellows was bestowed.

The whole had a combination of companionable good humor, and instant aggression when necessary.

It is the crown and apex of all bad language, the coping-stone of all systems of verbal aggression and abuse.

But German mobilization means every precaution possible for their country as well as foreign aggression.

In that capacity for aggression upon other classes lies the essential driving force of modern affairs.