Agilities [noun]

Definition of Agilities:

physical or mental nimbleness, deftness

Synonyms of Agilities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agilities:

Sentence/Example of Agilities:

Recent times have upended markets, and marketers increasingly need a robust unified platform with agility, breadth and depth, and execution speed with high precision.

“Appallingly, these periods come in the way of the industry’s progressive efforts toward sustainability, operational agility, and workforce improvement,” the authors added.

Success will be based on the speed with which they can drive business agility and enable revenue growth.

Just because you’re a good weightlifter doesn’t mean you’re going to immediately excel at agility drills.

Advanced tools and testing methods can now provide brands with the agility to take on competitors on different social fronts by crafting heavily tested, personalized experiences depending on where their traffic is coming from.

The response was in the shape of another dark form, which leaped beside him with all the agility of a monkey.

I have seen him at work and he made me shudder, although the sight of his amazing agility might have given anybody confidence.

The Hindu walks with a great deal of poise, in fact, very much like an elephant, but he also has the agility of the panther.

That stream-leaping was a fine exercise for the nerves and strength, and agility too, and required no little practice.

They live together in large groups, leaping with surprising agility from tree to tree.