Aging [noun]

Definition of Aging:

becoming older

Synonyms of Aging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aging:


Sentence/Example of Aging:

If rapid “aging” proves popular with consumers, it could challenge the centuries-old process of barrel aging in oak casks.

Bespoken isn’t the first startup to venture in accelerated aging, a process that tries to minimize the time it takes to age these spirits, which is typically done in wooden barrels.

It delivers great anti-aging benefits and leaves my skin so glowy.

The simplest way to tell if the wine is a good candidate for long aging is price.

Right now, they’re using the system to hunt down new drugs for cancer, aging, fibrosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, diabetes, and many others.

We are still very far from making an “exercise in an anti-aging pill.”

What we’ve shown, however, is that the body-to-brain information highway can also reverse the effects of brain aging.

It’s never previously been linked to brain aging, neurogenesis, or rejuvenation.

Then a flushed girl, a midget man, and an aging Nestor of other days drove away on a mission that pleased them all.

It would be slower with the aging demons—there was only one of Minnie—but it would be equally sure.