Agitating [verb]

Definition of Agitating:

shake physically

Synonyms of Agitating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agitating:

Sentence/Example of Agitating:

I must aspire to the agitating transports of self-devotion, in scenes of sacrifice and peril!

Fear knocked loudly at her heart, whenever she asked of it this agitating question.

In these ideas, agitating the heart of Phlippon, behold the origin of the French Revolution.

Ancient art was the garment in which the young and world-agitating ideas of Christianity were compelled to veil themselves.

It is the men who propound agitating ideas and who revolutionize the character of nations, that are persecuted.

Whether he is or whether he is not a wine boomer would not ordinarily be a query of agitating importance.

He was not sorry thus to gain a few hours of solitude, to think over the agitating events of the preceding day.

In the middle of this agitating scene Mzli arrived, perfectly happy and filled with her recent experiences.

The men are agitating for a meeting of the board of directors.

The second day had been more agitating in some ways than his first.