Agitations [noun]

Definition of Agitations:

shaking, mixing

Synonyms of Agitations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agitations:

Sentence/Example of Agitations:

In passing to her own chamber she met the Emperor, and, in the agitation of her maternal fears, told him all that had passed.

When Stanhope entered to him, he found his guest lying on a sofa, in a high state of fever, both from his wounds and agitation.

Santa Cruz embraced him, with more agitation than his stately mien might have announced.

But agitation unlocks wayward fancies and sends them scurrying inopportunely across the very foreground of the mind.

The agitation for Tenant-Right in Ireland is destined to fail—in fact, has virtually failed already.

Thus the great inquiry ended; but public agitation did not cease.

But there was nothing else to do, so she went to bed, and tossed there for hours in a sort of monotonous agitation.

She stood before him with lowered eyelids, her bosom heaving still from the agitation of fear his closeness had aroused in her.

She sunk into Mr. Bumbles arms; and that gentleman, in his agitation, imprinted a passionate kiss upon her chaste nose.

What an agitation, and at the same time what an unhealthy stimulus to his over-sensibility!