Agitative [adjective]

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The decision of big brands and banks to pull money from Republican politicians who agitated against the outcome of the US presidential election was a major story after the storming of the Capitol.

Women in a number of countries had been agitating for the vote before the First World War, and the argument was that you don’t have a stake in society in the way men do, so you should stay at home.

The challenge facing Pelosi is markedly different from the one she faced two years ago, when a platoon of lawmakers agitated for her and other top honchos to step aside for a younger generation of leaders.

Alexion has been actively shopping for a buyer since at least May, when activist hedge fund Elliott Management began publicly agitating for a sale.

The researchers knew that humans get agitated when confronted with a lack of social contact—but the neurological basis for those emotions wasn’t well known before, they said.