Agitators [noun]

Definition of Agitators:

person who disturbs, causes trouble

Opposite/Antonyms of Agitators:

Sentence/Example of Agitators:

These include the nature and severity of the alleged crime and whether the suspect is resisting arrest, as well as the “presence of hostile crowd or agitators.”

Most of these agitators — many of whom broadcasted the riot live from their phones or uploaded selfies on Facebook — made no effort to mask their identity.

The demonstrations were mostly peaceful, but outbreaks of violence, much of it attributed to agitators more intent on destruction than protest, resulted in hundreds of arrests after nights of set fires, looted stores and clashes with police.

Earlier this year, Manassas was the site of several protests over police brutality that drew several hundred demonstrators, including one protest where agitators threw objects at police officers.

One of the principal grounds in this change is to be found in the connection of government with the agitator O'Connell.

The distinction of these classes was marked out by money-payments; for it was the "rent" to which the agitator was mainly looking.

It is probable that the bill would have been lost without the support of the Irish liberals, led by the agitator.

There he became not only a rhetorician, a revolutionary agitator, but a really great painter.

But Cobden's parliamentary work was at this time less important than his work as an agitator.

The ministry however and the House alike shrank from a fresh struggle with the agitator.