Agnates [noun]

Definition of Agnates:

member of a family

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Sentence/Example of Agnates:

The relatives of a man through males are called his agnates; the relatives of a man through females are called his cognates.

It will now be convenient to state the rules for finding which of the agnates take as residuaries of the deceased.

But persons related only by blood through females are not agnates, but merely cognates.

The agnates no longer cleave together, the domestic tribunal has either lost its strength or has entirely disappeared.

When real property is sold, we find that the agnates and cognates have always a preferential right of purchase.

Third, that the property should be inherited by the children of the deceased owner, to the exclusion of the remaining agnates.

If there were no children, the estate passed to the agnates, and in default of agnates, to the gentiles of the deceased owner.

On the day of the funeral, all the agnates shave their heads.

But the descendants of such persons will only be Agnates, if they satisfy the conditions which have just been described.

The other agnates then do the same, and proceed in Indian file, males in front and females in the rear, to the corpse.