Agnomina [noun]

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It was this slight connection with ‘the trade’ which gained for Cromwell the agnomen of ‘the brewer.’

A blank is here in the MS. Agnomen is found in some of the others.

He obtained the Agnomen of Numidicus for his services in the Jugurthine war.

To counteract the confusion that would inevitably arise, an agnomen or "tee-name" is usually appended.

Sometimes there was also a fourth name, called the agnomen, added from some illustrious action, or remarkable event.

I was a little anxious to know whether her ladyship would honour me with an agnomen.

Most Latin authors have three names—the prenomen, which answers to our Christian name; the nomen, or family name; and the agnomen.

Latin authors to be registered under their nomens, except in those cases where the agnomen has been popularly adopted.

Why old Antony was persuaded of the devil to christen his second child by the ungodly agnomen of Henry, we are not informed.