Agnosticisms [noun]

Definition of Agnosticisms:

refusal to believe

Synonyms of Agnosticisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agnosticisms:

Sentence/Example of Agnosticisms:

The primary difficulty in dealing with Agnosticism is its elusive character.

Agnosticism, he says, is a method the essence of which may be expressed in a single principle.

We three, of differing degrees of agnosticism, looked at her, struck with the boldness of the thought.

Isnt it founded on the idea of force, and isnt that what would result from any State formed on agnosticism?

Gersonides was opposed to Maimonides's radical agnosticism in respect of the nature of God, and defended a more human view.

In it is brought out the blended stoicism, humanitarianism, Buddhism, and agnosticism of the author.

Immanence—Agnosticism is the negative side of Modernism; immanence constitutes its positive constituent.

He was setting now full sail towards Agnosticism, but such a religious Agnosticism that Miriam did not suffer so badly.

Agnosticism and Socialism are the two great forces to be reckoned with in the immediate future.

And if there ever was a blind alley in philosophy, it is Pragmatism—the very essence of agnosticism.