Agnostics [noun]

Definition of Agnostics:

person unsure that god exists

Synonyms of Agnostics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agnostics:

Sentence/Example of Agnostics:

Early on, the company was “fairly agnostic,” Jain says, waiting to see whether machines or people could better fact-check the world.

Consumers are increasingly agnostic about whether they buy online or locally.

Met’s general manager, Jeffrey Kightlinger, said the agency is “agnostic” about the project.

The sequence is device agnostic when a user is logged in through their account, which means that shifting between devices doesn’t affect that strategy, it even enhances the experience.

We take an agnostic approach to ad tech and wherever there’s commercial growth — then that’s when we’ll look to expand.

He had by this time become what would now be called an agnostic.

For the Agnostic, no more than the Atheist, can attach no intelligible meaning to "God."

True, she said, checked for a moment, but one is not truly agnostic when ones mother has had faith.

This statement, coming from a leading agnostic, was welcome to the theologians.

A story of modern life and thought, being a study of two opposite types—the Christian and the Agnostic.