Ago [adverb]

Definition of Ago:

in the past

Synonyms of Ago:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ago:


Sentence/Example of Ago:

However, you may have approved a permission without giving it much thought, or granted an app access to certain data long ago, and now you’ve changed your mind.

A while I ago I ran such an analysis comparing some well-known authorities in the medical space to some sites notorious for being a bit spammy and so forth.

They say the board long ago legally delegated that responsibility to its executive, and that there was nothing unusual about the severances.

Scientists suspect long ago crocodiles lived in one region before spreading out to others.

Not too long ago, Bing documented its search ranking factors at a very high level.

They may find interesting designs, as a student in Bertoldi’s lab did some time ago.

There was a time not so long ago when regulating short-term vacation rentals was one of the city of San Diego’s hot-button political topics.

To answer this question, our colleagues ran an experiment not so long ago.

Ages back—let musty geologists tell us how long ago—'twas a lake, larger than the Lake of Geneva.

Was he really condemned to an eternal solitude because of the girl who had died so many years ago?