Agonizes [verb]

Definition of Agonizes:

suffer or cause another to suffer

Synonyms of Agonizes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agonizes:

Sentence/Example of Agonizes:

She agonizes over the fact that Heidi worried at the beginning of the pandemic that she might not survive if she contracted the coronavirus, although she had no known health complications.

If you’re agonizing over the speed of your metabolism, you’re probably focused on how much energy you’re getting from the foods you eat and how much your body is using.

I had spent the last year agonizing over the data, observing and asking questions.

For months, parents, coaches and health officers across the region and throughout the country have agonized over the risks of young athletes taking the field or the court in the midst of a pandemic.

If you imagine, agonize, and stew about worst-case scenarios, it actually forces your brain to live every dark and scary situation you can conjure up.

For the past several months, state and local leaders have publicly agonized over opening bars and restaurants.

Too far gone to agonize in prayer, I could only quietly, almost mutely, just tell him how the poor child had no clothes.

Yet, dying, I agonize to live, and fear to drink the last drop of that bitter cup.

Here now you shall agonize unheeded: gaolers and governors as well as black cells just to teach you.

Let who will sweat and agonize for the sake of a new truth, or a newer and purer form of an old one.