Agonizing [adjective]

Definition of Agonizing:

difficult and painful, suffering

Synonyms of Agonizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agonizing:

Sentence/Example of Agonizing:

It was not until all the boxes and parcels must have arrived in the Condamine, that an agonizing thought struck Hugh.

Between agonizing moments, she chatted a little, and said it took her mind off her sufferings.

Isabel's brain seemed to eliminate every thought it had ever possessed and hurriedly to remodel down to one agonizing point.

He turned and suddenly broke into agonizing sobs and then ran down the steps.

He himself was insupportably aware of her, as she sat, doomed and agonizing, in her chair at the head of Brodrick's table.

The latter, a prey at first to agonizing despair, had by degrees recovered his composure.

The horror of the thing overwhelmed him; he began to weep himself—his frame was shaken with tearless, agonizing sobs.

Again one of those agonizing waits, racking to the two men whose future depended largely upon the happenings atop the range.

The symptoms of poisoning by this species are spasms, similar to those of trismus, and agonizing general pains.

These two divided beings would each lie awake, one in the hope, the other in agonizing dread of reunion.