Agonizingly [adverb]

Definition of Agonizingly:


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Sentence/Example of Agonizingly:

We are really in the final miles of an agonizing marathon here—the home stretch.

A muffled sound, faint, but agonizingly definite—a woman's sobs!

An agonizingly long time later the faint and disregarded sound of the plane swept back across the heavens.

Were the features against which that frail bit of cambric was agonizingly pressed of a pleasing contour?

On the reviewing stand the dignified hands went up, agonizingly slow, to a final salute and they stayed there.

He knew by her voice she was ill, and his palpitating heart was wrung so agonizingly that he was constantly in tears.

Good-looking in a soapy sort of way, but dull: Good dancer, agonizingly slow at a twosing.

They will fail—certainly two, perhaps all three of them: fail egregiously;—ridiculously;—it may be agonizingly.

Ephraim clapped his hand to his side, and rolled his eyes agonizingly towards his mother, but she took no notice.

His fingers tightened agonizingly, and his voice sank to a slow drawl.