Agrarian [adjective]

Definition of Agrarian:

concerning land, farming

Synonyms of Agrarian:

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Sentence/Example of Agrarian:

Granted, in a small agrarian community it’s easier to make a moral economy work, because people see the consequences of their actions and get feedback from other parties.

His strong advocacy of Jefferson's agrarian program gained him a reading audience of farmers as well as statesmen.

The movement was agrarian, not religious, though the Whiteboys were catholics, nor political.

Next, I have explained the rise of the present Home Rule movement, and its dependence on agrarian agitation.

Upon the deposition of Octavius the agrarian law of Gracchus was immediately passed by acclamation.

Thus the great landowners were finally successful in destroying the effect of the agrarian legislation of Tiberius Gracchus.

The first of the economic measures of Gaius Gracchus was one to renew and extend the agrarian law of his brother.

The effect of this law was certain to be the opposite of that sought by the agrarian laws of the two Gracchi.

The agrarian law had only passed by the assistance of the votes of the country tribes.

In rivalry to the agrarian law, he obtained the creation of twelve colonies of three thousand citizens each.