Agreeabilities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Agreeabilities:

Your great folk ought to have been suffered to put off the greatness, and only be esteemed for their excessive agreeability.

I always thought, if the Prince were to know him, he 'd be charmed with his agreeability.

They were charmed with his gracious manner, and actually enchanted with his agreeability.

It is scarce necessary to say it was, as regards agreeability, inferior to either.

The people were not, of course, themselves all marvels of agreeability.

Not that this hauteur was intended as a particular affront: it was only the agreeability of his lordship's general manner.

Her colloquial excellence and her agreeability are established by the unanimous testimony of her cotemporaries.

And it follows, that agreeability of colour does not depend upon this strict naturalness.

Its agreeability per se,—its charm upon the eye; and its adaptation to a subject,—its expressing the sentiment.

A picture, therefore, cannot be said to be well coloured unless this peculiar quality of agreeability be in it.