Agreeableness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Agreeableness:

That may be; but where you find one handsomer face than his, you see a thousand destitute of its intelligence and agreeableness.

He reveals every day some new trait of interest or agreeableness.

By their beauty and their agreeableness they charmed Burns, and did much to make his visit delightful.

For agreeableness of conversation there is nothing in New York at all comparable to our institution.

It is true, also, that Thackeray approached "society" rather to satirize it than to set forth its agreeableness.

Preparing to go to the baths either at Velia or Salernum, he inquires after the healthfulness and agreeableness of the places.

And, further, that towards agreeableness, one step at any rate consists in wearing a becoming fashion of the hair and dress?

The good go-between will therefore make his choice between them, and teach only what conduces to agreeableness?

In this combination there is an absence of versatility, of blandness, agreeableness, sympathy and warmth.

It is not lacking in the organs of benevolence, sympathy and agreeableness; in reason, perception or reflection.