Agreeably [adverb]

Definition of Agreeably:

willingly, assenting; pleasantly; in keeping

Opposite/Antonyms of Agreeably:

Sentence/Example of Agreeably:

In the Method about to be given, the intellect is agreeably occupied, and thereby a Habit of Attention is promoted.

I shall be agreeably disappointed if Ireland realizes a fair average harvest this year.

If, however, I was agreeably surprised by my visit to the theatre, I experienced quite a contrary feeling on going to the Museum.

Inside there was no longer a hint of Mrs. Barberry, even a dropped handkerchief agreeably scented.

Caplin, whom I had sent on before, met me at the town's end, and agreeably surprised me with the most favourable account.

You have agreeably deceivd me into a Surprize, which it will be as hard to express, as the Beauties of Pamela.

I had heard so bad a report of Boulogne, as to be agreeably surprised when I found it so little deserving it.

Boulogne is very agreeably situated, and the views from the high grounds on each side are delightful.

More thinking, and a greater experience of life, may cause him to germinate agreeably in a few years.

We hope it will go on and agreeably grapple with the people in its own district whatever may become of the Jews.