Agrees [verb]

Definition of Agrees:

be in unison, assent with another

Opposite/Antonyms of Agrees:

Sentence/Example of Agrees:

This lets the lender and the buyer know whether the value and the loan amount are in keeping with the what you have agreed to pay for the property.

Six automakers, including Ford, have voluntarily agreed to abide by California’s higher efficiency standards, and Newsom cited them Wednesday as proof that the industry can make the switch.

Earlier this summer, another round of direct stimulus payments to Americans was one of the few issues the two parties agreed on.

Though he still considered it “spiteful retaliation,” his office reduced the charges and agreed to push for probation after the officers pleaded guilty to fourth-degree criminal mischief.

I consulted a respected outside oncologist, who suggested a complete neck dissection, potential new radiation, and a chest CT scan to look for metastases—yet he agreed that none of it would improve survival chances.

During a meeting with the Pulaski County Development Authority, Rollins agreed to keep nearly 300 jobs there in exchange for nearly $20 million in tax-exempt revenue bonds, issued by the authority and repaid with nursing home revenues.

Even as Oracle and Walmart are set to invest in the short-form video company, the trio can’t seem to agree on exactly what kind of deal is in the works.

Workers and employers are likely relieved to be collaborating on what they agree is good for the country.

Still, the court agreed that the 20-month delay in arresting Mouser was unreasonable.

Bloomberg News reported earlier that the Treasury Department, Bytedance and Oracle agreed to terms for the deal late Wednesday.