Agricultural [adjective]

Definition of Agricultural:

concerning farming, land

Synonyms of Agricultural:

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Sentence/Example of Agricultural:

In smaller cities, manual industries, like mining and agriculture, tend to account for a bigger share of the economy.

The only silver lining in India’s worst-ever quarterly GDP contraction was the agriculture sector.

This technology would spread across the world, affecting not just the demand side, supermarkets, but the agriculture supply side.

We really— we have to make agriculture green which is a strange, strange thing to say.

The general trends could best be characterized as high-volume and standardized agriculture.

About half of that 12 percent increase was the result of expanding agriculture and landfills, while the other half arose from fossil fuels.

Far from being just a niche interest for developers, real-world applications built with blockchain already provide secure transactions that benefit people everywhere, from agriculture to land management to mobile voting.

Virginia leaf still continues to flourish, and to-day it is the great agricultural product of the State.

"It's dogged as does it," is not only the maxim of agricultural labourers in remote country districts.

The duke was agricultural above all things; he had a model estate bristling with scientific improvement.