Agriculturalist [noun]

Definition of Agriculturalist:

person who produces crops, raises animals

Synonyms of Agriculturalist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Agriculturalist:


Sentence/Example of Agriculturalist:

These are very welcome to the agriculturalist because they impart vigour to the young crops.

With his jolly round face, bronzed by the suns of Palestine, he looks the typical agriculturalist.

Mr. Richard Grant White says that conversationalist and agriculturalist are inadmissible.

Every agriculturalist and breeder knows how difficult it is to prevent an occasional cross with another breed.

The easy independence of the first hunter-agriculturalist was upset by the advance of immigration.

The valley is well peopled and yields finely to the agriculturalist.

The slopes of the valleys were frequently so very steep as to discourage the most ardent modern agriculturalist.

The agriculturalist was, therefore, the very backbone of the state.

The agriculturalist ranks next in dignity; for none can do without food, and therefore his usefulness is indisputable.

The exterior commerce naturally following the working of mines, will equally contribute its share in favor of the agriculturalist.