Agricultures [noun]

Definition of Agricultures:

farming, crop production

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Sentence/Example of Agricultures:

Many workers, including those in healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture, don’t enjoy the ability to work from home.

In less than three decades, most of Southeast Asia’s peatlands have been deforested, drained, and dried for agriculture or other purposes, leaving them vulnerable to wildfires that spew pollution and greenhouse gases.

This is a problem because machine learning holds great promise for advancing health, agriculture, scientific discovery, and more.

Have worked on agriculture and food policy, poverty reduction, economic development for well over 50 years now.

With Africa much of the focus is on supply chains around health and agriculture including food security—30% to 50% of the food produced in Sub Saharan Africa is estimated to be lost along the supply chain.

An interagency working group, established in 2009, estimated the net economic damages of climate impacts, from agriculture and human health to property damage and energy costs.

Expanding agriculture dominated methane release in places like Africa, South Asia and Oceania, while increasing fossil fuel use heightened emissions in China and the United States, researchers report online July 14 in Environmental Research Letters.

Oil is pretty important in the food supply chain, from agriculture to distribution and so on.

It laid its hold upon agriculture, sowing and reaping the grain and transporting it to the ends of the earth.

English Agriculture has a thorough and cleanly aspect which I have rarely observed elsewhere.