Agues [noun]

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To add to their troubles, fever and ague attacked most of the white men, and one of them (Ogilvie) died on the journey.

For a sick woman, to be sure, the ague fit had left its victim for that day, and she was feeling better.

A severe attack of fever and ague was the result of Dorothy passing the night upon the heath.

Again an ague of beauty caught him, and he needed to hurl himself full length upon the mats until the ecstacy was past.

Dale dragged himself to a sitting posture and began shivering as if suffering from ague.

I found him out of order, thinking himself to be in a fit of an ague, but in the afternoon he was very cheery.

Mr. Coventry told us the Duke was gone ill of a fit of an ague to bed; so we sent this morning to see how he do.

Shivering like the ague between his cotton-flannel blankets, Stanton's courage fairly raced the mercury in its downward course.

Twice during the walk, Roger was taken with a shivering-fit, as though sickening for the ague.

By carrying the germs of malaria and giving people the ague it made the clearing of many parts of Canada doubly hard.