Aha [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aha:

Aha, we will make a night of it, a dinner like that at the Caf Anglais and a bottle of wine to make you dream!

"Aha, it seems that the same arrow has hit two people," Dick whispered to Phil, but loud enough so that Garry could hear.

Aha, there is a tug already, the Storegut; things looked brighter in a moment, perhaps they might get off at once.

Something akin I have experienced in an 'express' as it raged with me—winged, rocking, ecstatic, shrilling a dragon Aha!

Aha, I felt my whiskers bristle as I advanced upon him through the darkness!

Let them be turned back for a reward of their shame that say, Aha, Aha.

Aha, I've got him this time though; I am going at this very hour to fight a duel with him.

Aha, now would I lay a gold crown thou hast had a quarrel with some Edinburgh 'burn the wind' upon that very ground?

When "Massa run, aha," he staid behind, and has forty acres of good corn planted and cultivated by himself for his own benefit.

Aha, I thought, the rise of the market has sent Consolidated Pemmican up for once beyond its usual 1/8.