Aided [verb]

Definition of Aided:

help, support

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Sentence/Example of Aided:

Congress has not acted to provide any relief since approving $3 trillion in aid in the spring.

The new government aid will help the company maintain cash reserves during a prolonged period of decreased demand for air travel.

McConnell also indicated support shortly after the election for sending additional aid to cities and states, something that has been a central Democratic demand.

Powell has repeatedly called for more aid from Congress, particularly when it comes to getting direct relief to those in industries most affected by the pandemic, such as restaurants, retail and hospitality.

Many people faced gaps between the time their $600 emergency benefits lapsed and when their $300 in emergency aid kicked in.

Incidences of unemployment-benefit overpayments are on the rise across the country, advocates at legal aid organizations say.

Given that we are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and billions of dollars in federal aid are being thrown at response and recovery efforts in Illinois, we thought you should know more about how your taxpayer dollars are being spent.

By August, however, that rebound was losing speed as aid from the CARES Act ran dry.

The pain and suffering to the American people and all of our economy will be so much worse, deeper, and long lasting if Congress doesn’t do the right thing and send aid to states.

Porat gets credit for overseeing Google’s pandemic response, including a small-business aid program.